Nomination of international children’s television festival “Dityatko”

Nomination of national contest program of international television festival “Dityatko” are found with support by Kharkov’s aeroclub named by V.S.Grizodubova OPDU

Videos duration to 15 minutes, which are made by children’s studio (collective or author of school age) or in cooperation with children’s studio are accepted for participation in nomination.

Conditions of participations are according to Regulations of television festival “Dityatko”.

Goal of founding of nomination is increasing awareness of youth about situation in aviation industry in Ukraine and in the world, popularization of aviation specialties and kinds of sport, and call for peacetime in a country, forging a positive relationship in society aspiration to creation and development of state.

In works in nomination “Our peaceful sky” presence of aviation equipment in the frame is not necessary. Any creative decisions are welcome and varieties of ideas regarding the disclosure of the topic “Our peaceful sky” are discussed. Audiovisual materials of any genre are allowed to participate.

Awarding of winner of nomination “Our peaceful sky” will occur during closing of ceremonies of television festival “Dityatko” in the cinema “Dovjenko” on 8th of September in 2018.

The prize for the winner of nomination is a netbook.

Nomination “Our peaceful sky” is continuation of cooperation of organizing committees of television festival “Dityatko” and children’s drawing contest “Our peasful sky”, which are held by Kharkov’s aeroclub.

During final of television festival “Dityatko” on 7th of September in 2018 excursion of all finalists who will present in Kharkov is planed into airfield “Korotich”, where they will acquaintance with equipment in the aviation museum. In addition, finalists of “Dityatko” will able to see the rehearsals of performances of the best aviators of country during preparation to V annual Kharkov’s aviation festival, which will held in 8th and 9th of September in 2018.

Participants of television festival “Dityatko”, who will be finalists in nomination “Our peaceful sky” and will invited to Kharkov into final, are awarded with flights on the aircraft An-2 or on the helicopter Mi-2. Flights will be on 7th of September in 2018 during excursion at the airfield “Korotich”.