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will be held on August 28-29, from 11:00

Venue: the “Korotych” aerodrome, Kharkiv, Ukraine


The main open-air festival will present an impressive flight program. The guests will see the Ukrainian and foreign historical and modern small aircrafts in the air. The main peculiarity of KharkivAviaFest is a continuous spectacular six-hour air show. The festival will include the demonstration of the diversity of aviation destinations and the performances of the best aviators, a large air show and air forum, informative exhibitions of science and technology achievements, art installation shows, a music concert with the participation of a live orchestra, a large amusement park, familiarization flights, air walks and skydiving for everyone in the inspiring atmosphere of the holiday for the whole family.


The program of KharkivAviaFest-2021 will include:

  • A six-hour international air show. More than 30 types of various aircrafts, including SU-27, L-29, SU-31, AN-72, AN-28, AN-26, AN-2, Aeroprakt aircrafts, KhAZ-30, CTSW, Van's aircraft RV14a, Yak-18T, Yak-52, AK-1-3 helicopter, Mi-2 helicopter, F-15f amateur aircraft, Lancair Legacy L2K, Socata, L-200 Morava, motoparaplanes, aerostats, Ventus-2b glider, Viper model, Bell UG-1 (204) helicopter model and much more;
  • Technopark with the achievements of aviation, space and technical spheres from specialized enterprises, organizations and universities;
  • The flight program of the only aerobatic team in Ukraine by the Kharkiv Aero Club on jet L-29 aircraft;
  • The attempts to establish a national slackline record - the extremal heighliner will be at high altitude between two balloons;
  • The presentation of a new object of the aircraft exhibition platform under the open sky at the “Korotych” airfield (Hryhorovych flying boat) and a number of other objects;
  • The competitions of drones;
  • The demonstrations of skydivers – the teamwork in the air and the spectacular touchdowns on the accuracy;
  • Performance of glider pilots;
  • Moto glider pilots;
  • Performances of aircraft models, an exhibition of models;
  • The aircrafts from the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
  • The aviation by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Guard of Ukraine;
  • The air walks, familiarization flights and jumps in tandem with an instructor for everyone;
  • The equipment and tools exhibition for rescuers, doctors and police; the interactive program with the guests;
  • The flights and gifts draw;
  • Presentation of auto news, test drive;
  • Amusement park - folk crafts, needlework, creative classes, master classes, attractions, games and adventures; photo zones, art grounds; a fair;
  • The concert of popular musical groups accompanied by a live orchestra;
  • Shooting range, paintball, an exhibition of weapons;
  • Two large food court zones, relax zone;
  • Air rally, forum and many useful meetings and communications aimed at developing and promoting the Ukrainian aviation industry in the world.

We expect about 25,000 guests to attend our festival for two days!

We will be glad to see everyone!

To buy a ticket

One ticket is valid for one day of the festival (either on August 28 or on August 29). It will be exchanged to the control bracelet before the entrance of the festival.

For children under 14 years old - admission is free!

For disabled people of the first and second categories (you should show documents) - admission is free.

For the ATO and JFO (Joint Forces Operation) participants (you should show documents) - admission is free.

Photo and video shooting will be allowed!



The year of 2019

About 20,000 guests visited the air show for two festival days.

The hundreds of visitors were able to ascend into the sky and enjoy the scenery through the windows of aircraft or under the domes of parachutes. Eight people won the lottery and received a flight as a gift. Six visitors flew on the aircrafts, including on L-29 jets, and two visitors appreciated the delights of free fall by skydiving in tandem with the instructors.

For two days, 12 hours of flights filled the sky over the airfield. More than 30 aircrafts – jet, military, transport, sports and training as well as high-speed design aircraft participated in the show. The pilots of the Kharkiv Aero Club, as well as guests from Kyiv, Dnipro, Myrhorod, Chuhuiv, Kirovohrad, Zhytomyr, Poltava, Kolomyia, Bila Tserkva, Sumy and other cities, were at the helm.

For the first time, the festival became international. At the 6th KharkivAviaFest, the guests came from Poland and France. The pilots from Latvia climbed into the sky.

Aivars Leitas and Ingemars Butkevich arrived on a Tarragon light multipurpose aircraft. Aivars performed a solo flight with a 360-degree turn, went in the opposite direction and a flight in a circle. Lightweight Tarragon accelerates to 370 kilometers per hour, can easily cover the distance not only between different cities but also regions.

This year, the L-39 jet took part in the air show. "Albatross" from the Chuhuiv air brigade was piloted by the instructor Stanislav Solomko.

The traditions, which can’t be broken: on the first day of the festival, the heavy but super-maneuverable SU-27, which arrived in Kharkiv from the 831st Myrhorod Brigade, congratulated the audience on the Day of Ukrainian Aviation. The crew had been showing the most complex aerobatics for 15 minutes. Thousands of spectators watched breathlessly.

The visitors were amazed by the AN-72 military transport aircraft of the National Guard of Ukraine. He had stayed at the airfield for two days. Now thousands of network pages are full of pictures of the aircraft. To get inside, the visitors lined up in a long queue. On the second day of the festival, the AN-72 returned to its base location – the Kyiv region.

For visitors of the 6th KharkivAviaFest, the three jet L-29s and the transport of the National Guard of Ukraine flighted together over the airfield. Serhii Filatov, Serhii Komin and Anatolii Bernatovych were at the helm.

At first, the three jets started the flight and after - the AN-72 joined to them. There the planes gathered in a single formation. The pilot Serhii Komin was near the left wing of AN-72, on the right - Anatolii Bernatovych, and Serhii Filatov was in the tail.

Joint flight - a greeting from the commander of the AN-72.

For the first time at the exhibition ground the visitors of the air show saw an American amphibious aircraft A rare exhibit - RC-3 Seabee or "sea bee" was delivered to Ukraine from the United States recently. The model is over 70 years old.

For the first time, the glider pilots and motor glider pilots performed at the air show.

The German glider Ventus-2b climbed in the tugboat behind the STSW aircraft. This is a flight in its most correct aerodynamic sense. The glider does not need a motor to cover significant distances, it needs only the upward flows. When the weather is nice, the gliders can flight of more than 500 kilometers.

KharkivAviaFest-2019 Partners

The year of 2018

For the 5th time, KharkivAviaFest took place at the “Korotych” airfield. The festival has already won the status of a business card of our region - for the aviation holiday, which took place on September 8-9, when guests from all over Ukraine gathered in Kharkiv. Over two days, the event was attended by 17 000 people

The flight program began with a parade of such participants as, AN-2-100, AN-2, Mi-8MSB, Mi-2MSB, SU-31, Yak-52, Yak-18T, Lancair Legacy L2K, a P-piston amateur aircraft design F- 15f, Socata, An-28, KhAZ-30, AS-350 helicopter, L-29, Ak1-3 helicopter, Aeroprakt-40, Cirrus SR22 and others. All the pilots, led by the triple L-29 "Dolphin", greeted the audience, making the formation in the sky. Due to weather conditions, the greeting of skydivers with flags became possible only on the second day of the holiday.

The innovation of the planning table was individual aerobatics of Lancair Legacy L2K, a piston aircraft of an amateur design of F-15f, a helicopter AS-350.

The joint appearance in the sky of the sports SU-31 and two Yak-52 trainers became the first spectacular performance in the history of the festivals.

And the long-awaited highlight was the traditional flight of the SU-27 of the Ukrainian Air Force, which surprised the audience with aerobatics.

Dmitry Hapilin

During the opening ceremony of the festival, the head of the Aero Club Serhii Filatov greeted Serhii Tarasiuk and Valerii Epanchyntsev, the crew of AN-2-100 – test pilots of the State Enterprise “Antonov”. He awarded them with the diplomas of the International Aeronautics Federation FAI for the established records in class C-1.

For the first time in Ukraine at KharkivAviaFest-2018 pilots presented to the audience AN-2-100 - a new version of the AN-2 - a light single-engine transport aircraft with a turboprop engine MS-14 jointly developed by the State Enterprise “Antonov” and JSC “Motor Sich”.

A surprise for the audience and the highlight of the festival was the appearance of the latest two-seats single-engine Aeroprakt-40 with a Rotax engine, created specifically for the 16th FAI World Microlight Championships by Ukrainian aircraft designer and pilot Yurii Yakovliev. The crew, in which Yakovliev performed with his son, won the World Championship in ultralight aviation. The 16th FAI World Microlight Championships was held on August 8-18 at Nagykanizsa Airport in Hungary. The Ukrainian crew flew in the class of two-seater ultralight aircrafts.

The joint flight AN-28 and 2 L29 – is another experiment in the training flights of pilots of the Kharkiv Aero Club and pilots of the State Enterprise “Antonov”. The visitors were able to evaluate not only the harmonious formation but also the most complex figure for this type of aircraft, made on the AN-28 turboprop.

The first experience of cooperation in creating a festival number with representatives of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine became a real sensation of the festival - guests came to see how specialists of the State Emergency Service carried out activities to extinguish an aircraft and prevent the spreading of a fire - they worked out a simulation of extinguishing a Mi-2 helicopter during an emergency landing and fire in the air.

For the first time, at the KharkivAviaFest -2018, guests watched a spectacular show – the competition of terrestrial and air vehicles: an auto-helicopter slalom on AKI-3 helicopter as part of KharkivAviaFest-2018 were performed by Taras Maksymov, a pupil of the “Leader” club, a five-time champion of Ukraine in automobile cross-country in the classes buggy 1600 and super-buggy and Viktor Tomilin, a military pilot of the first class, reserve colonel, who mastered more than 30 types of aircraft - in an AK1-3 helicopter.

The parachute project "Kharkiv Kaleidoscope" was held as a part of KharkivAviaFestt-2018. Parachutists in free fall collected and rebuilt large formations, and the audience could admire the demonstrative touchdowns of skydivers.

The organization and holding of the aviation festival were carried out at a high professional level by the entire personnel of the Aero Club, which our guests confirmed with their reviews.

KharkivAviaFest - 2018 is a territory of freedom, joy and knowledge! For the guests is provided not only with a rich aerobatic program but also vivid and exciting entertainment on the ground.

Despite the bad weather conditions on the second day of the festival, the friendly pleasant atmosphere was created by numerous exhibitions, art space, thematic photo zones, games, master classes, contests with prizes, activities, a food court and pleasant music, the traditional drawing of flights on AN-2, KhAZ-30, and the main prize - a flight on a jet aircraft L-29.

The dancers of the National Dance League Federation performed with an exhibition show - dances "Waltz" and "Cha-Cha-Cha" for the guests of KharkivAviaFest-2018. Thus, the students of the dance studio greeted other talented children - finalists, laureates and winners of the children's drawing contest "Our Peaceful Sky", which became an integral part of KharkivAviaFest.

N.E. Zhukovskyi National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” (KhAI) as part of the festival presented a thematic exposition of its own technical developments and demonstration equipment.

Visitors could see the models of aircrafts for various purposes for blowing in wind tunnels; model of the SU-27; “Vorobey” and “Yugneftegazrazvedka” drones; 3-D models of promising fighters UTS and UBS; samples of robotic developments of KhAI; aircraft models of various classes and much more.

The ground with the air defense training equipment of Kharkiv University of Air Force has traditionally been presented at the fest. Among the samples were the 23 mm ZU-23 anti-aircraft gun, the Igla portable anti-aircraft missile system, the Osa-AKM military anti-aircraft missile system, the TOR anti-aircraft missile system, the S-300PS anti-aircraft missile system, and the S-300PS medium-range anti-aircraft missile system “Malachite”, BUK-M1 short-range anti-aircraft missile system.

The cooperation with the State Emergency Service showed a joint result of educational work: the location of the rescuers was surrounded by the children. The specialists showed the guests of the holiday the features of rescue operations for the disposal of explosive objects. They demonstrated fire engines and tankers, a ladder, pyrotechnic cars, radiation and chemical reconnaissance vehicle, fire extinguishing devices, and carried out explanatory work to observe personal safety rules when identifying strange objects.

The platform that everyone loved - the retro-zone of the “Samokhod” club has been expanded this year! Everyone could plunge into the atmosphere of the first half of the last century, driving a retro car or firing blank shots from weapons, as well as familiarizing themselves with the interiors of control rooms of the Second World War. KharkivAviaFest-2018 traditionally presented an exposition of new and modern cars and provided the opportunity for the guests to test their favorite car in the field.

The staff of the Kharkiv Aero Club thanks all the guests of our “Korotych” airfield for visiting us and we invite you to attend our festival in the new season! We will prepare for you a wide variety of interesting projects, and our pilots and skydivers will surprise you and acquaint you with the sky!


The year of 2017

АВИАfest - 2017On September 2-3, the Aviafest - 2017 was visited by more than 12,000 people. The flight program has improved. The locations were added. For the first time in Ukraine, as part of such events, a demonstration platform for aircraft and an exhibition of military equipment was organized. It caused a stir among visitors and gave a vector for the development of the project.

The year of 2016

In 2016, the AviaFest was held twice - on May 7-8, about 3,000 people visited the airfield, and on August 28-29 - 6,000 people. The spring festival was held as the completion of the first children's drawing contest “Our Peaceful Sky” held by the Aero Club, which grew into an all-Ukrainian contest.

The year of 2015

Celebrating the 90th anniversary of the creation of the organization - the Kharkiv Aero Club for the first time held a large-scale aviation festival for Eastern Ukraine. From year to year, on different holidays the “Korotych” airfield began to be visited by more and more guests.