International Skydiving Events - 2018 русскоязычная версия

The Kharkov aeroclub, the National Guard of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the captains of the World Team of skydiving in the category "Large formations" and the Skydiving Federation of Ukraine will implement large-scale project of the European level in 2018: There will 4 international skydive event in a row on July-August at the airfield “Korotich”, during which also will train military crews at the two jet aircrafts An-72.

The cooperation of the Kharkiv Aeroclub with the National Guard of Ukraine is expands and continues for the third year in the row. Military crews work out exercises of landing to unpaved runways and runways with limited size and also landing. Jet aircraft An-72 lift more than 50 skydivers to the altitude 5 thousand meters on average in 11 minutes.

ОAt the airfield “Korotich” National Guard began to explore maximum capabilities of aircraft which were put up expressly for the difficult flights in all kinds of climatic conditions in 2016. Than the first time of the history of Ukraine aircraft of the short take off and landing An-72 of National Guard of Ukraine had landed to the unpaved runway and with the participation of military crew there were established a record of Ukraine in the category “Large formations with rebuilding”- «50 way».

In summer in 2017 An-72 had attracted skydivers from all over the the world to airfield “Korotich”. The first time for the years of independence near Kharkiv international gathering of skydivers from 27 countries took place with the participation of captains of world records of skydiving . Landing from the ramp of the aircraft An-72 became preparation to the new World record in category “Large formations with rebuilding”.

As the result of training of skydiving were set 2 World records in Elloy, Arizona, USA, «New Sequential World Record 219-way 2 points» on 25th of October 2017 and «New Sequential World Record 217-way 3 points» on 27th of October 2017.The world team also included 14 Ukranian skydivers, among which was 6 Kharkiv citizens.

Ukrainian skydivers successfully take part in the international training and Record skydiving more than 10 years. Having high authority in the world skydiving environment, sportsmen and captains of the Kharkov aeroclub named after V.S. Grizodubova of the OPDU held successful negotiations, as a result of which four events were scheduled for the international sports parachute events, which are planned at the "Korotich" airfield near Kharkov. So, during the period from July 30 to August 23, skydiving will be performed here on the ramp of the An-72 aircraft, the An-28 plane will landing skydivers groups in parallel. At the same time, the crews of the National Guard of Ukraine will test two An-72 aircraft, and Ukrainian skydivers will attempt to set a national record «50 - way. 3 shapes.»

European World record in Kharkov

In attempts to achieve a world record in the category "Large formations with rebuilding" among the women will take part 120 skydivers from more than 20 countries, including Belgium, England, Germany, France, Holland, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine.

Sportswomen should make 2 predetermined shapes in a free fall (as a perspective it will be 3 shapes). Skydivers intent to overcome achievement of 2014, when a Record was established with the participation of 101 sportswomen in Russia. Discharge from the airplane An-72 occurs at the speed of about 180 km/h and skydivers can leave the board from the ramp in 5 to 6 seconds.

The captains of the new world record among women became 5 famous skydivers:

Keith Cooper-Jensen (Denmark): 11 800 jumps – is the most experienced skydiver in the world. She has made a great work on promotion of women in skydiving. She is professional trainer on large formations and event organizer including a number of world records. She was awarded with the USPA gold medal in 2015. She’s the captain of the 3d world team «FAI World Records» in skydiving and head coach of the world team in the Records of 118, 121 and 181-way and a participant of more than 10 world records in the category "Great formations with rebuilding."

Lisa Nensen (Norway): 12 500 jumps – at the world skydiving arena she declared itself in 1999, when took the bronze medal of the international championship as a part of 4-way team, thereby presenting her country in the world of skydiving environment for the first time and inspiring many girls around the world to do skydiving. She’s National trainer of Norway of skydiving, organizer of international gathering in Germany, England, Australia. She’s the captain in Women’s World Records, World Team (2007), instructor and coach AFF in the local aeroclub of Norway. She’s a participant of a number of world records in the category "Large Formations with Reconstruction".

Marlius Schwarthof (Holland): 4000 jumps – is experienced skydiving trainer who brought up more than 30 record holders from scratch, the organizer of sports events. She’s a participant of national records, women's European records, as well as world records among women and general world records in the category "Large formations with rebuilding."

Lesley Gale (Great Britain): 5000 jumps - is an editor of the skydiving magazine “Skydive Mag”, founder of a team of 8 people Brit Chicks, which became the first and only female team who represent own country at the World Championships. She was awarded a bronze medal of Royal Aero Club (RAeC). She has a coaching experience in the world record among women (2009). She’s participant of women's European and world records, prizewinner and winner of skydiving Championships, organizer of women's competitions in skydiving.

Alya Veselova (Russia): 11 000 jumps – more than 20 years she's working on the introduction of skydive teams of Russia and Ukraine to the world records . She’s organizer of national and women's records and also largest women's record with the participation of 101 athletes. She’s captain and participant of the world women's and general records of skydive in the category "Large formations with rebuilding".

Captains will meet in Kharkiv to combine their sectors of a large 120-way formation for attempts to establish a new European world record from two airplanes An-72, which carry for 60 skydivers each. There are envisaged 18 lifts for Record attempts.

It will be held in parallel international gathering of male skydivers consisting of 60 people at “Korotich” airfield, who will support women's skydivers. 16 lifts of the An-72 airplane are planned for this purpose.

SEQUENTIAL GAMES 2018 - Kharkov 100-way Challenge

Sequential Games is an annual event, which are gathering the best skydivers of World team for building and rebuilding of the most complex large formations in free fall.

During 4 years these gatherings were conducted in Klatovy (Czech Republic). From 4th till 8th on August in 2018 this event will be taken by the airfield "Korotich". Skydiving will be carried out from two An-72 aircrafts.

It is planned 16 jumps from the ramp at an altitude of more than 5000 meters.

Sequential Games will be held in the composition from 100 to 120 skydivers, who are representatives of the elite of skydiving, under general guidance of the best captains of the world records, such as Dieter Kirsch is the representative of Germany, representative of France is Patrick Passet and representative of Great Britain is Milka.

Skydiving in the Sequential Games are the most difficult practice and training for the preparation for future world records.

International BigWayCamp

The regular international BigWayCamp will conducted from 20th till 23th on August in 2018 with the participation of approximately 120 skydivers from more than 20 countries. Skydiving from the ramp will be carried out from jet aircraft An-72, which climbing 5000 meters in slightly more than 7 minutes and also from the ramp of turboprop airplane An-28.

Under the leadership of captains of world team Dieter Kirsch, Keith Cooper and Louis Tomasso in free falling skydivers will build and rebuild large formations. International gathering of skydiving will be also preparatory skydiving and the selection of candidates for the future world records.

It’s planned 32 lifting of An-72 aircraft and 18 lifting of An-28 aircraft.