The grand opening of the Kharkiv Aero Club took place on January 1, 1925. For almost a century of history thousands of pilots, skydivers, helicopter pilots, gliders, aircraft models - masters of sports, champions and record holders of Ukraine, Europe and the world received flight skills.

The Aero Club aerodrome was located in Pomerky since 1943 and from 1951 to the present day, the Kharkiv Aero Club is based at the “Korotych” aerodrome. The aviation organization based on interests has been repeatedly transformed, changing its format and status, but without changing its principal values: to create the aviation and aviators, to develop the aviation professions and to make the sky accessible to everyone.

On August 26, 1991, the Society for the Promotion of the Defense of Ukraine was founded. The Kharkiv Aero Club is a part of it as a public organization, which in 1996 was named after the outstanding aviator, daughter of the famous aviator and aircraft designer Stepan Grizodubov - Valentyna Grizodubova. In 2015, celebrating the 90th anniversary of the club, the tradition of holding major aviation events for the population resumed - since then the largest aviation event in Ukraine - the Kharkiv AviaFest – has become an annual event.

Today the Kharkiv Aero Club takes the first place among the aviation sports clubs of Society for the Promotion of the Defense of Ukraine.

More than 30 light aircrafts are based and used for various flights at the “Korotych” aerodrome. Among them: Yak-52, Yak-18T and L-29, AN-28, KhAZ-30, Cessna, CTSW, Legacy, VIS3, Piper, T-10, Cirrus SR22, T-10M, SU-31M, MI -2, AK-1-3 and others.

Under the open-air museum on the territory of the aerodrome you can get acquainted with the samples, such as: AN-2, MIG-21, MIG-23, MIG-27, SU-17, SU-27 aircrafts and MI-1, MI-2 helicopters.

The aviation records, competitions and championships of local, Ukrainian and international importance are held at the “Korotych” aerodrome of the Kharkiv Aero Club. In 2018 the four world women's records were set on our aerodrome, 87 skydivers from different countries became the world record holders. The international gatherings of paratroopers have been holding at the aerodrome for several years.

Kharkiv Aero Club has an extensive list of statutory tasks. First of all, it’s a work intended on the interests of national security and defense of Ukraine. For seven years the Kharkiv Aero Club has been holding the initial training of military pilots on Ukrainian-made aircraft - the light-engine KhAZ-30.

The key events are aimed at patriotic education and instilling a love to aviation sports training. In the field of small aviation there are many exciting technical and applied sports in which you can successfully develop and reach success: aircraft modeling, helicoptering, hang gliding, gliding, aircraft, skydiving, aeronautics, rocket-modeling.

When the weather conditions are favorable, the flights at the “Korotych” aerodrome are holding the whole year. The active aviation season lasts from April till October. Every year in the Kharkiv Aero Club, the quantity of flights is growing.

Flights in the Aero Club are carried out in several directions, among which are the training of military and civil pilots, sports training flights, flights of private pilots for their own purposes, familiarization flights, flights as part of festivals and various events, flights to drop parachutists, monitoring flights, and the use of aviation in the national economy - aerial chemical work, aerial surveys, forestry work, the provision of medical assistance to the population, flights for experimental and scientific research, for patrolling the oil pipelines and power lines, search-and-rescue work - all the possibilities for such work exist.

One of the main activities of the Aero Club is the training of flight and technical personnel for civil aviation, aircraft maintenance and maintaining airworthiness. . The Kharkiv Aero Club received a certificate of an educational institution, and it allowed the club to continue to work in the direction of training pilots of the PPL level.

The club trains the athletes, instructors, and judges. It also organizes and holds the competitions, cultural events and career guidance. At the aerodrome it is possible to conduct various events, photo and video shooting, visiting ceremonies of a different nature..

The annual developing direction is tourism. The accumulation of international contacts and ties due to the participation of Ukrainian athletes in the world competitions and records, as well as the holding of similar events on the territory of the “Korotych” aerodrome, allows to increase the prestige and show the country's attractiveness abroad.

Every weekend all guests of the aerodrome have the opportunity to take a familiarization flight on the club's planes and helicopters. This vivid adventure can be accomplished by oneself or in the company of friends and relatives. In addition to standard familiarization flights, there is an active new direction - air excursions - is a unique opportunity not only to experience the flight capabilities of an aircraft during a flight in a circle or into a zone but also a chance to admire the beauties of the Kharkiv region from a bird's flight.

Among the familiarization flights the most striking are flights on jet technology. In order to get into the L-29 “Dolphin” rear cockpit, guests come from all over Ukraine and from other countries - America, Great Britain, Turkey, Japan.

Because today the aerobatic team of the Kharkiv Aero Club is the only one operating in Ukraine. There is a high demand for such flights.

Familiarization flights on jets are inspired for the whole life.

Leave a request for a flight on the L-29.

At the same time, the work of the L-29's pilots is performances at various events and festivals, for which pilots are constantly improving the program, adding new elements and figuring out how to fill in the pauses and make their flights bright and flawless.

Parachuting is the most dynamically developing area in the Kharkiv Aero Club. At the “Korotych” aerodrome newcomers, tandem passengers and athletes using the AF, RW, and FF programs “dive into the sky”. At the Aero Club there is a parachute link of higher sports training, specializing in the direction of "Large Formations" - training sets of small formations, sectors and large formations are practiced in training Big Way Camp throughout the season. Jumping is practiced at the “Korotych” aerodrome, starting from the 2-way, 4-way formations, a popular area of training is working in a 16-way team. Every year the Kharkiv Aero Club implements international projects aimed at the development of parachuting and the Ukrainian aviation industry.

Kharkiv Aero Club is widely involved in the life of the surrounding community, trying to contribute to the social component of the development of nearby settlements to the aerodrome. The Aero Club team manages to conduct public work, developing and implementing social projects and actions.

But the main task of the organization is still to make the “Korotych” aerodrome a visiting card of the region.

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